CT/XRay Technician – New Mexico

  • Post Date: March 2, 2017
Job Description

CT/XRay Technologist – New Mexico

Shift:  Friday, Saturday, Sunday  7A – 7P

A CT technologist qualified for the jobsoffered through Concentric Healthcare, has completed an accredited educationalprogram related to the radiology field and is registered with the AmericanRegistry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).


CTTechnologist Job Description and Responsibilities

CT technologists utilizecomputerized tomography (CT) scanners to produce cross-section images ofpatients’ internal organs and tissues for the diagnosis of medical issues. A CT scantechnician must be able to accurately interpret a physician’s scanninginstructions, administer contrast materials, prepare and operate the CT scanequipment and position the patient to capture the appropriate images. Generallyspeaking, a CT technologist should be in good health, because maneuveringequipment and patients who are disabled may pose physical challenges. CTscanners emit radiation, which can be harmful for the technologist and patientif proper safety procedures are not followed. CT scan technician jobs are mostoften located in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers.